Not only is Halloween all about the costumes and dressing up but its all about the candy. Halloween and candy go hand in hand.The sugary, sweet, and chocolatey stuff. But these festive treats don’t all have to be entirely unhealthy. There are many great healthy treats that make great alternative sot the more traditional sugar-filled concoctions.

Some great (and cute!) choices can include fruit such as mandarin oranges. You can draw pumpkin faces on the peel with a black sharpie, so they look like mini pumpkins. You can also spruce up some bananas to look like spooky ghosts. Simply peel, cut in half and embellish with chocolate chip”ghost faces.”

Other great snacks that will remind you of Halloween and pumpkin seeds. When you carve your pumpkin, keep the seeds and roast them in the oven. They are not only delicious, but they are also very healthy. You can also bake apple slices to make apple chips that will be healthy treats that the whole family will enjoy. Eating healthy and family fitness are great ways to feel good this fall, despite all the tempting treats.

It doesn’t take much to whip up some healthy treats that are still fun, and you will be more likely to want to participate n family fitness like going on fall walks or just playing outside. Having healthy snacks to munch on will give you the energy to do the things you want, and you’ll look great, too.

So replace that junk with the good stuff like fruits and veggies-you’ll be glad you did and the best part is that you’ll be n shape for swimsuit season even faster.