The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know what that means: lots of yummy treats, and a few added pounds. You can avoid the extra weight, and still enjoy some yummy treats, though. Here are a few healthy treats that the whole family can enjoy.

Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies
Everyone loves Christmas sugar cookies. The delicious flavor, soft texture, and of course, being able to cut them into cute Christmas shapes. These whole wheat cookies give you all the same benefits, while boosting fiber with the whole wheat flour and reducing saturated fat and cholesterol with less butter and egg whites.

White Chocolate Holiday Bark
While not exactly a low-calorie treat, this holiday bark does have cranberries, which are heart-healthy. It also boosts your antioxidants with almonds, and if you use unsweetened coconut, you’ll get more fiber and save a few calories. Try it with cherries instead of cranberries, for a boost of beta-carotene and some heart disease protection.

Iced Browned Butter Sugar Cookies
If you’re looking to up your sugar cookie game with something a little more elegant, while still being healthy, give these cookies a try. The browned butter adds a nutty caramel flavor, and the pearlized sugar (found in craft or gourmet stores) on top gives them that elegant, sparkly appearance that will make these cookies a favorite for kids and grown-ups alike.

Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes
Red velvet, a delicious chocolate cake with a vibrant red color, usually gets its color from the addition of a lot of artificial food coloring. Not this time, though. These cupcakes get their beautiful red color from the naturally sweet red beet, which means not only are these cupcakes completely natural, but you can also use less sugar to make them. Because of the addition of the beet, you can also use less oil and butter, so you’ll save calories and fat. This is one of those treats no one could pass up.

Skinny Eggnog Fudge
This is a super-easy, 4 ingredient fudge recipe that’s great for parties. Low calorie (38 per square), fast, and delicious, it’s guaranteed to be a hit with eggnog lovers.

The holidays are a time of indulgence. By adding a few healthy treats to the rotation, you can indulge more freely without worrying about packing on the pounds, or negatively impacting your health in other ways.