When planning your vacation, has the thought of whether or not the place you are visiting is “healthy” or not? The answer is probably a resounding, “no” and who can blame you for that?! Typically, when planning a vacation, we look for a destination that offers us all of the amenities we aren’t allowed to enjoy on daily basis. However, the ways in which we are choosing our vacation destinations are changing rapidly. Fitness is no longer a “craze” for many -it’s a lifestyle. And with that in mind, many are now searching for destinations that allow them to continue to maintain their lifestyle but also afford them the opportunity to experience new foods, languages, and cultures. Here are the top 5 healthiest countries. Which one will you visit next?

The Olympics began in Greece, so it’s safe to say that fitness and being active is deeply ingrained in their culture. Furthermore, Greek are typically active on the terrain of the country as well as water.  As far as what they eat – their Mediterranean diet consists of olive oil and fish. Could you get any more healthy than that?
Average Life Expectancy in Greece:  82.98

In addition to their general use of portion control known as Tapas (defined as “portion control is a way of life”), the Spanish also take daily siestas- two hour naps that occur mid-day and are said to ensure they are not only getting enough rest but also lowers stress.
Average Life Expectancy in Spain:  83.12

Singapore’s government is known for promoting a healthy and clean environment through laws, volunteering, and education. To further their belief in a clean environment, Singaporeans live by the notion that good health equates to wealth and seek to stay active and healthy.
Average Life Expectancy in Singapore:  84.07

Thinking of traveling soon? Hopefully, these healthy destinations will help you choose the best destination for you!