The holiday season is the best time of the year for eating great food and having fun with the family. Unfortunately, all the holiday cheer makes it easy to break from your fitness routine. Here are four fitness tips to stay healthy through the end of the year.

Get Enough Sleep
During the season of parties and late nights, your sleep schedule is at risk of completely falling apart. The link between fitness and sleep is well documented — you can’t have one without the

The biggest part of this challenge is making it to bed at a reasonable time. Embrace the prolonged
darkness after changing the clocks back by getting to bed earlier. If you go to bed early, you can<
wake up and get to the gym before work.

Do More Cardio Exercises
Maintaining portion control during big holiday meals is an exercise in futility. Instead of setting
yourself up for failure, plan to work off the extra calories at the gym.

During the holidays, it’s wise to dedicate more of your time at the gym to cardio exercises. Weight lifting burns calories as well, but cardio is more effective on average. From November to January,
run two miles on the treadmill instead of one. You can also experiment with alternative forms of cardio like jumping rope or rowing.

Create a Home Exercise Routine
If you live in a snowy area, you may want to spend a weekend or two inside. This doesn’t mean that you can’t workout.There are several high-quality at-home training programs available on DVD and Blu-ray. A snowy Saturday afternoon could be the perfect time to bust one of these out.

Also, you can create your own program of bodyweight isometric exercises. You can piece together
an effective workout routine that doesn’t require a single piece of gym equipment.

Re-imagine Yard Work
The holiday season is notorious for two unique activities that take place outdoors: raking leaves and shoveling snow. You can motivate yourself to get these jobs done by viewing them as a makeshift exercise routine. Though a visit to the gym or an afternoon of at-home exercise is more effective, yard work is a workout as well.

Big meals and late-night parties don’t have to result in a break of your fitness routine. Following these four tips will keep your body primed for next year’s beach season.