Paul Carpenter

Dr. Paul G. Carpenter has been a devoted chiropractor to the Bridgeport Connecticut area for over 40 years. Respected both locally and nationwide, Dr. Paul Carpenter and his associates at Chiropractic Associates of Bridgeport are dedicated to serving those in Bridgeport and the surrounding communities of Trumbull, Easton, Stratford, Fairfield and Monroe.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Paul Carpenter understands the importance in promoting a healthy lifestyle and believes health is among our most valuable possessions. He is a firm believer that you lead your most fulfilling life with proper nutrition and adequate exercise. Outside his passion for chiropractic care, Dr. Paul Carpenter has been a dedicated runner for most of his life. He has participated in a numerous marathons and races, and devotes time throughout the week for running.

Dr. Carpenter has been apart of a local group of runners for over ten years now. Easton runners are a small group of like-minded individuals in the Easton area of Connecticut, who all share a passion for running. The group, composed of both women and men of varying backgrounds in running, schedule runs multiple times a week, gathering at various locations throughout the district. Easton runners welcomes runners at every level and encourages others to join them on their scenic runs throughout beautiful Easton! Whether you’re trying to lose weight, train for a marathon, or simply get healthier, Easton runners supports everyone! Dr. Paul Carpenter and his friends of Easton runners also participate in community runs during the holidays where all are welcome! Together they sponsor district runs for both Christmas and Thanksgiving, as a way to give back to their community.

Paul Carpenter resides in Easton, Connecticut with his wife Patricia and their four sons. Paul thoroughly enjoys sharing his passion for fitness and health with his family. Aside from chiropractic care and fitness, Paul Carpenter also takes great interest in saltwater reef aquariums, and shares the tranquility of his aquarium with the patients of Chiropractic Associates of Bridgeport.


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The Easton Runners Schedule!


When: 5:30am

WhereThe Easton Village Store


When: 5:30am

Where: The Easton Village Store


When: 6:30am

WhereEaston Public Library

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